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WARM MIST Saveplace® chair/table hammock with waterfalls

WARM MIST Saveplace® chair/table hammock with waterfalls

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Discover the widest variety of the furniture hammocks in the world!


Saveplace® furniture multi-purpose hammocks are perfectly suited for cats, small breed dogs, other small pets and for storage.

You can attach hammocks to the chairs, tables, benches, other furniture with 4 wooden/metal/plastic legs, also in pet cages. In general, you can use them in every room or even outside. Select one or more to reach your needs.


1. Hammock 40×47 cm (15.74×18.50 in) is to furniture up to 53×53 cm (20.86×20.86 in), usually for chairs. If hammock is with pom poms, they are on the short side.
2. Hammock 47×47 cm (18.50×18.50 in) is to furniture up to 70×60 cm (27.56×23.62 in), usually for tables and also chairs.
3. Hammock 84×44 cm (33.07×17.32 in) is to furniture up to 100×60 cm (39.37×23.62 in), mainly for big tables. If hammock is with pom poms, they are on the long side.
4. For custom size hammock contact hello@ You will receive the answer within 1-3 workdays.

Hammocks are super comfortable, bowl shaped and, as a result, cats and also other small pets love them.

Treat your pet to the unique place to chill and gain storage room!


Materials: upper side – 50% wool, 60% polyester; bottom side – strong & water resistant fabric. Both sides are used.

Recommended capacity ~15 kg.

Saveplace® hammocks are designed to be attached at your desired height because of the adjustable fastening straps. Pay attention that all straps are at the same level.
You do not need any furniture crossbars for the hammock to hold. Except in case of very slippery or very narrowing furniture legs, use rubber bands (included in the package): first put bands on the furniture legs at the same height, then attach hammock straps on them).

Easy care – machine-washable 30°C. Fold each strap in half before washing.

Made in Lithuania, Europe.

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