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Inpods Little Fun Mini Bluetooth Speaker TWS Macaron Speaker

Inpods Little Fun Mini Bluetooth Speaker TWS Macaron Speaker

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Product description:
1.Unimaginable, 360° sound experience: small size, big sound!
2.Looks pleasing to the eyes, sounds pleasing to the ears: inPods lttleFeun TWS Bluetooth speakers, with good looks and more powerful performance.
3.Simple design, one-key opening: seamlessly integrated, elegant and simple, only the opening key and Micro charging port are reserved at the bottom of the product, which is simple and efficient, just click and use.

Bluetooth version:V5.0
Product net weight: 56g
Product gross weight: 101g
Composite membrane speaker
A product high-density pure cobalt battery
Use time 2~3 hours
Battery capacity: 400mAh
Charging time: 1 hour
Charging port: Android port
Color : Black, Gray, White, Blue, Pink,Sky Blue,Green,Yellow

Packing list:
1*Mini bluetooth speaker
1*usb line

TWS function: Turn on the two speakers and enter the power-on state, double-click any one of them to switch on,
Hear the prompt announcement, and the connection with the other one is successful.

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